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The first day of your new school. Little 16 year old you. You and your mum had moved due to the fact she could get a way better job with a much better pay. The school that you went to now had 2 uniforms one for the girls and 1 for the boys. Considering you and your mum hated the girls’ uniform she had the crazy idea of making you look like a boy and fooling everyone in your school. You being the crazy person you are agreed. So there you were standing in front of your new school looking at the gates that opened you to a new world of being a boy.

~~~~~~~~ flash back ^^ (your with your mum at the hairdressers) ~~~~~~~~~

"So like what do you want for your hairstyle?" asked your polish hairdresser.
"I'd like to get a boys haircut please" you said winking at him. He gave you a funny look and then shrugged it off
~~~~~~~~~~~~ time skip in a flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Oh My God! I love it!!!!" you shouted after getting your hair done. You got out of your seat and hugged the hairdresser.
"It’s like ok you look like amazing" he replied hugging you back. You got off him and waited for your mum to pay.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of flashback (               ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

you walked down the well-kept path that had flowers down the sides. The school looked really posh and it had a massive clock tower just on the right of the school. The gates were massive and made of iron, bearing the schools crest on the front. You walked to homeroom and bumped into a blonde kid wearing glasses and a bomber jacket.
"Oh I’m terribly sorry" you apologize holding your books close to your chest. He turned around.
"Oh no sweat dude so are you a new kid or something?" he asked pushing up his glasses.
"Oh yes I’m urghhh-(boys name), (Boys first name) (last name)!" you said holding your hand out to shake. He ignored your hand and slung an arm around you instead.
"I'm Alfred F. Jones!" in the force of the hug you dropped your books. You bent down and started sprawling to pick them back up.
"Oh let me help you" a small voice came from in front of you. You looked over to the source and found a lovely pair of violet eyes behind some glasses looking at you.
"Oh well thank-you" you said standing and shuffling your books.
"My names Matthew Williams, I’m Alfred’s half-brother" that calm tone said to you once more. He handed you the books and you neatened them up.
"It's very nice to meet you Matthew and Alfred" You said happily.
"DUDE!! Would you get on with Arthur or what?!" Alfred said grabbing your books.
"I heard my name" said a strong British Accent. A boy with blonde hair and BIG eyebrows that somehow complimented his face turned around and faced you.
"Dude this is (boy name) (last name), He's a new student here, and one of my new besties!" Alfred said pushing you towards him.
"Wait what we’re friends?" you asked turning around to face him.
"Yeah sure dude!" you noticed he said 'dude' way too much. You turned around to face Arthur again.
"Hello it's very nice to meet you Arthur" you said holding out your hand.
"Well at least someone at this school has manners, pleasures all mine" He said grabbing your hand and shaking it lightly.
"Dude, what’s your homeroom?" Alfred asked.
"Oh it's with Mr. Braginski!" you said walking down the corridor with your new 'friends'.
"Oh wow you have the same homeroom as us and the Bad Touch Trio." Arthur replied groaning the last part.
"Who’s the 'Bad Touch Trio'?" you asked heading to your homeroom.
"US!" you heard a group in unison say. You looked up to be greeted by three men. One with white hair and crimson eyes, one tanned one with vibrant green eyes and one that gave the aura of a pervert but he was also very cute with his violet eyes.
"Well that clears things up" You chuckled heading past them.
"Kesesesesese~ so who’s the new kid?" you heard one of them say. Was that meant to be a laugh? You turned around and greeted them properly.
"Hello I am (Boys name) (last name)" You held out your hand for them to shake.
"Gilbert Beilschmidt" The Albino said. You could tell he was German.
"Antonio Fernandez Carriedo" The tanned one said. You could tell he was Spanish.
"Francis Bonnefoy" The 'Pervert aura' one said. You could tell this one was French. None of them shook your hand so you pulled it back to your books.
"It's nice to meet you all" You said turning back around to your new friends.
"Hey (boys name), don't get too close to them they're all assh*les" Alfred whispered to you.
"Don't worry Francis gave out a ‘perverted’ aura, If you know what I mean" you said laughing. Matthews’s eyes widened. You noticed but shrugged it off.
"So whats Mr. Braginski like?" you asked opening the door.
"You'll soon see" said Arthur walking in behind you.
"Ah good morning new child I see you've joined my homeroom?" asked a Russian man with a long brown trench coat and long pink scarf.
"Oh um yes I have, I am, (boy name) (last name). It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Braginski." you said happily.
"You know what I like you; call me Ivan." he said walking away smiling.
"Wow dude you got a great first impression on Mr. Braginski only a few of the kids at school get to call him Ivan like wag Yao and Raivis Galante (latvia) and now including you." Alfred said sitting down on what looked like their 'usual' table. Arthur gestured to a seat next to him. you sat down and lay your books on the table and sat there chatting away until Matthew interrupted you.
"H...hey (boy first name) could i talk to you for a minute." he said standing up.
"Oh yeah sure" you replied and stood up and walked over to the back of the classroom. An ears distance from Gilbert.
"I need to ask you something." Matthew said trying to cover up that he was scared to ask you.
"Yeah whats wrong Mattie?" you asked grabbing his right shoulder and rubbing it with your thumb.
" girl?" he stuttered out. Your eyes widened and Gilberts ear pricked up listening into your conversation.
"H-how did you know" You said walking up to him and lowering your voice.
"Well when you said Francis had a pervert aura you laughed and it was high pitched but no-one apart from me noticed." he replied.
"Oh god, please don't tell anyone I’ll do anything" you whispered.
"It's all right you don't have to worry i just needed to confirm it" Matthew replied.
"Thanks Mattie" you said walking him back over to the table. As you were walking back a hand grabbed your wrist. You looked back and Gilbert was looking straight at you.
"What do you want Gilbert?" you asked sternly. As his crimson orbs stared at you, you couldn’t help but lower your guard by turning around to face him. Francis was standing behind him they both had smirks plastered to their faces. They walked up and pinned you to the back of the room.
"KESESESESESESE~ I heard your little conversation" Gilbert said letting go of your wrist and running his hand through his silver hair.
"Oh you did" you replied blushing.
"Ohonhonhon little (boys name) is blushing how cute" Francis said with his hands on his hips. Ivan noticed that they were 'bullying' you so he decided to join in.
"I hope you’re not bullying little (boys name) if you are I’ll kill you both" Ivan said holding what seems to be a faucet and smiling creepily.
"It's all right sir we were just asking (boys name) a question" Gilbert and Francis turned around to face sir which gave you an opportunity to escape. You walked back over to the table to find Alfred looking in your sketch books.
"Wow dude you’re an amazing artist" he said tracing his fingers over some of your sketches.
"Oh well thank-you" you replied snatching it away from him. The bell went and you stood up and gathered your books, you walked out with your friends and to your first lesson.
"Hey (boys name) we will talk to you at lunch non~" Francis said winking at you. The lessons you had that day until lunch: History, Art, (break), Maths, English. And then dreaded lunch. All of lunch you were looking out for the Bad Touch Trio. You finally found them getting fussed over by a bunch of girls. You walked over and most of the girls looked at you. A few 'Squeed' at you gut you just shrugged it off.
"Wow the new kids so cute" Said a girl with brown hair. 'Wow I even make girls squee' you thought to yourself. You walked up to Gilbert and stared him in the eye you were taller than him by about 2 inches.
"Wow (boys name) is even taller than Gilbert" another girl said to her friend. You smirked.
"You wanted to talk to me" you said sternly.
"Ja! kesesee Antonio talk to these lovely ladies me and Francis need to talk to (boys name).. Alone!" he said walking you over into a small room.
"Right you got me here what do you want to talk about..." you asked hastily.
"Well what are you going to do to make sure we don't blabber to everybody." Gilbert asked pinning you on the wall standing to your right.
"Oui how do you know we won’t tell everyone." Francis said standing to your left.
"Because you haven’t told Antonio" you said Smirking.
"We didn't tell Antonio because he would have told everyone by now" Gilbert said pushing closer to you.
"well what do you want me to do?" you asked blushing.
"Come over to my house after school next friday and wear something girly" Gilbert said leaning in closer to you.
"Hey (boys name) where are you?" you heard a faint British accent say from the corridor.
"I have to go, Arthurs looking for me" you said walking in between them. Gilbert grabbed your wrist and handed you a piece of paper.
"Here’s my address" he said seductively leaning closer to your ear.
"Oh right yeah Thank-you" you replied walking out of the door.
"What did THEY want with you?" putting an emphasis on they.
"Oh they were just asking me something" you replied putting the piece of paper in your pocket.
"What about?" he asked.
"Oh i have to....."You thought for a while. "TUTOR i have to tutor him in maths".
"Oh ok then we should get back to homeroom the bells about to go" Arthur said walking down the corridor. You walked closely behind him wondering what Gilbert was going to do to you tonight. You both got to homeroom before the bell and you saw Matthew inside.
"hey Matthews inside and Ivan" you said walking in.
"HEY MATTIE HEY IVAN!" you shouted waving to them.
"Oh Bonjour" Matthew replied.
"Oh hello" Ivan Replied.
"PARTAYY!!" came a loud obnoxious American hugging you and Arthur.
"Hi Alfred" you said "whats with the party?".
"I’m having a party at my folks' house next Friday and i want all of you to come" He replied letting go of you and running over to the table. 'Oh god no! if they see you out of school they'll find out you’re a girl' you thought to yourself. Then the bell rang taking you out of your trance.
"Dude this party is gonna be awesome" Alfred said just after the bad touch trio walked in. Gilbert heard what Alfred said and walked over to you.
"Im sorry but (boy name) will be with me next Friday" Gilbert said wrapping his arm around you. You slightly blushed.
"H...hey!" you said getting him off you."
"Kesesesesese~" he said walking over to Antonio and Francis. The bell went signalling last lesson.
"See you later guys" you said walking over to the door heading out to Geography. After Geography you headed to the gates waiting for your mum to come in her (fave car). You leaned on one of the columns with your right foot on the column. A small girls with black hair and red streaks came up to you blushing wildly.
"hmm" you said looking at her.
"um...(boys name) would you please accept this?" she said handing you a black rose. As she brought it up to your face you blushed wildly.
"Of course i will accept such a beautiful gift from a girl as equally beautiful, would you like a kiss on the cheek?" you asked taking the rose. She looked at you after you said the last part blushing wildly. She nodded slowly. You leaned in closer to her and touched her cheek with your lips. As you moved away from her she was red all over.
"Was that nice?" you asked her. She nodded.
"Th..THANK-YOU!" she shouted before running away to a bunch of more girls. 'Well kissing a girl felt funny maybe i should explore my sexuality'. As you were kissing the girl you hadn’t noticed your mum roll up in the car. You walked over to your mum as she smiled to you.
"What are you so happy about?" you asked throwing your bag on the back seats.
"Looks like my little *cough* boy got a girlfriend-"
You interrupted her. "HEY! She’s not my girlfriend she gave me this rose so i gave her a kiss on the cheek" you said holding up the rose.

As you went home with your mum you told her about your friends and how 2 of them knew you were a girl. You also described how Gilbert was seeing next Friday. your mum just kept joking saying you should wear the French maid outfit your lesbian auntie got for you last Christmas. You both chuckled and got to the front of your house. You walked in and put your rose in some water.
~~~~~~~~~~ Time-skip to next Friday ~~~~~~~~~~~~

School had gone by quickly. Even-though you were anxious of today. Not knowing what Gilbert wanted with you. You had gotten home from school and dumped your bag on the chair.
You went to your room to get changed. You walked in took off your blazer and blouse and looked at yourself in the mirror. To hide your breasts you wore a corset like Binder with strings. It hurt when you took it off but it felt so good. You put on a black and white lace bra and took off your pants revealing your matching underwear. You walked over to your wardrobe and examined your clothes. 'DAMMIT WHY DON'T YOU HAVE AYHTING GIRLY?!' you mentally shouted to yourself. The only thing girly was the French maid dress. oh well. You chucked on a (Favourite colour) tank top and Black skinny jeans with a red studded belt. You combed your short (h/c) hair and examined yourself in the mirror. you nodded your head i approval.
"MUM!! I’m going over to Gilberts" you shouted getting the paper form your school pocket.
"Ok babe be home please don’t get killed..." your mum chuckled.
Ok mum" you said walking out of the door. you walked into the hallway and put on your (fave colour) converse. you walked out of the house and looked at the piece of paper.
"well time to find Gilberts house" you said to yourself. After about an hour of searching and asking for directions you noticed a blonde man walking down the road with 2 dogs.
"Oh well it can't hurt to try again" you said to yourself walking up to him. He looked at you and stopped walking his dogs.
"umm excuse me in looking for Gilbert Beilschmidt’s house" you said stroking one of his dogs.
"oh really?" he said with a confused look on his face.
"yes i was meant to go to his house after school I’ve been searching for like an hour" you said straightening up and smiling.
"No joke he’s mein Bruder" he said walking past you and dragging you along.
"Wow he didn’t mention a brother!" you said pulling up your bra strap.
"And he didn’t mention a beautiful lady coming round I would have cleaned up" he said laughing. You both talked on your way to Gilbert and Ludwig’s house. He opened the door to let the dogs in and then you.
"Oh Danke" you said using some of the German you knew.
"AHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Boys name) your finally here! I've been waiting so freaking long- wow boobs" said Gilbert from the stairs "Come on up!". You took off your shoes and headed upstairs trying not to blush from him complimenting your boobs. Gilbert was outside of his room waiting for you.
"Nice choice of clothing there!" he said walking up to you. Sliding an arm around your hip and leading you into his bedroom.
"So (boys name) what agree-"
"(girls name) please my real name is (girls name)"
"Oh ok, So (girls name) what do you want to do to make me not blabber?" he said sitting you down on his bed. you noticed a bird on his pillow.
"OH my god! your bird is so cute" you said stroking its head.
"Ja that’s the awesome Gilbird" he replied.
"How did I guess you'd name it after you?" you said laughing. Gilbird woke up and flew right over into Gilberts hair.
"Aww that makes you look even cuter!" WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! did you just call Gilbert cute?
"Umm danke i think" he said taking Gilbird off his head and placing him on yours.
"Now he makes you look cuter" He replied trying not to blush.
"So how are you not going to tell anyone? what do i have to give?" you asked him stroking Gilbird.
"..well...I....I want you....." He stuttered. WAIT WHAT?! Gilbert stuttering? Now you knew that something must have been up with him.
"Wh..what?!" you shouted standing up nearly making Gilbird fall off.
"I’m sorry i just... I’ve liked you since i found out you were a girl these last two weeks have been a nightmare but they made me like you even more. Well i just want to have you if you don’t agree you know what will happen" he said with lust filled eyes taking Gilbird off your head. He walked over to the door and whispered something to Gilbird before closing the door and locking it. You had risked too much these last two weeks and nothing was going to get in the way of that. Not even gilbert.
"So that all i have to do?" you replied with the same lust in your eyes. He walked over to you and pinned you against the wall holding one of your wrists. You took him by surprise by smashing your lips against his. he was a little stunned but eventually kissed you back. He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance of course you gave it to him. Sloppily he explored every part of your cavern making you moan a little. This obviously turned him on as he started bucking his hips against yours. You both parted for air.
"Should we take this to the bed mein liebe" he asked.
"Ja!" you replied mimicking him. He led you over to the bed and crawled above you. Gilbert kissed you again and started lifting up your tank top revealing your bra. You removed his shirt exposing his well-toned body. you blushed as you ran your finger over his chest. He slid a hand behind your back to undo your bra. When the heard the click he slid it off exposing your (_) cup breasts. He licked his lips in appreciation before placing one hand on your left breast and placing his mouth on the right, slowly licking the bud making you groan in pleasure. He swirled his tongue around the pert nipple, teasing you. After drawing out another moan from you he started to suck the breast, continuing to massage your left bud. His mouth left your right breast, and started to give your left breast some love with his mouth, whilst leaving the right one with his hand massaging it. He repeated his actions with the left breast, drawing out a few more moans of delight from you. He got off the bed and removed his trousers and boxers revealing his already hard member. While he did this you removed your belt and black skinny jeans revealing your soaked panties. Gilbert crawled between your legs and rubbed your vital regions making you moan louder than before.
"Wh....what about ludwig?" you panted in between breaths.
"Oh don't worry about mein bruder I’ve already told him to listen to music" He replied rubbing circles and smirking.
"Ngrhh Gilbert..." you whispered. That wasn’t enough he wanted you to scream his name. He took off your panties and threw them to the side. His tongue touched your area making you want more of him inside of you he started lapping up your juices. Your legs started to tingle as you area got warmer.
“Girlbert I think I’m going to-“ You orgasmed before you could finish your sentence, catching Gilbert off guard. Even though he looked surprised he bent down and kept licking. You were already a panting and sweaty mess while he was as cool as a cucumber.
"Mmmm Sie schmecken so gut, ich will mehr..." he whispered.
"Gilbert please stop teasing me, take me...TAKE ME NOW!" You panted evenmore.
"of course mein leibling" he replied crawling up your body leaving kisses along your stomach and chest. He placed himself at your entrance.
"Is this your first time?" he asked looking you in the eye. you nodded slowly. "Well this is going to hurt at first just tell me when I can move" You nodded again. He slid himself in and you yelped out in pain. At first the paint shot through but it was soon replaced with pleasure. You nodded your head slowly giving him the signal to move as a single tear rolled down your cheek. He pulled half out then pushed it in. He repeated that movement over and over again.
"Gilbert harder please!" you shouted this still wasn’t enough for him he wanted you to scream his name. He pounded you harder and harder, faster and faster.
"Gilbert I’m getting close again" you moaned.
"Ja me too" he replied. He cummed seconds after you.
"GILBERT!" you screamed. Finally he was satisfied. After a few more thrusts he pulled out and lay down next to you.
"Ich liebe dich (Girls name)," He whispered.
"I love you too," you replied. After about 15 minutes of cuddling you got dressed and told Gilbert that you have to go home. You stood at the door and hugged him.
"I have to go home now" you said. He bit your neck and sucked leaving a very prominent love bite.
"see you at school tomorrow" he replied.
"Yeah" you said kissing him. You walked out and over to your house. After a 20 minute walk you got to your house. You tried to hide the love bite with your hair but it was no use. It's just too short.

~~~~ Monday at school ~~~~

There you were in boy form waiting for Alfred, Matthew and Arthur to meet you at the school gates. You held your phone up to look at your love bite.
“How is it still there?” you pressed down on it but it still came back out. “Bollocks”
"YO!! (boys name) whats up?? You missed an awesome party!" Alfred shouted. Alfred ran over to you as Arthur and Matthew walked.
"I hate to agree but he’s right it was good" Said Arthur. "oh looks like you had a little party of your own" he said looking at your love bite.
"WOW! dude got laid and he’s only been here two weeks ey stud" Alfred joked hitting your back...
"Yeah stud" you whispered......
WHY IS THIS SO FREAKING LONG!?!?!?!?!?!? it was only meant to be a short story... :icongermanyfacepalmplz::iconaustriafacepalmplz:...........

Edit: I read your critiques and I have edited the story. I have done the spelling and grammar. The story line has been adjusted and the lemon part has been altered. Hopefully this is now better than before. If you still want to critique don't be scared i dont bite :)

Story (C) Me
Hetalia (C) Hidakez Himaruya
Add a Comment:
This story is well written, but one thing that you have to check is spelling ( sorry if that annoys you ) and follow the rules of the English vocabulary. Another thing I would recommend is to expand on what the reader looks like, because in the first few paragraphs , it seemed like you rushed through it to get to the middle of the story and you should give more depth on to where she lives, what the school is like and Etc. The lemony part was good too, I don't think I have to Critique that part ( cause i'm terrible with lemons xD ) .Remember to double check your spelling too!

Over all I thought that the story was pretty good ^.^
What do you think?
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Critique by pinkstar144 Oct 13, 2012, 10:47:47 PM
I loved it first of all~!! I'm more of a person who likes stories that focus on the emotions of the characters. I think you should talk more about the reader's feelings~! But over all, checking speeling is key -- though i hate doing that myself...
On top of which, I suggest you describe the scenery more as well. This is just my opinion so you don't have to of course. More descriptive words would also be a nice touch~! Sensory words (Touch,Taste,Smell,Sound,Sight) would also serve you well~!

Regardless, i liked it and it was a very intresting story line! It was so different. Keep up the great work ^w^ I had alot of fun reading this :)
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Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
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Girl: Do u even like me?
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Girl: Would u cry if i walked away?
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She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
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Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
Boy: No
Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would u cry if i walked away?
Boy: No
She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
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*Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they loves u
*Something good will happen to u at 1-4pm
*Tomorrow it could be anywhere!!!
*Get ready for the shock of your life!
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liebe" :3
Because for some totally weird reason Liebe has the article "die" which should be used for everything female. But german language said "Fuck you!" and abused its own articles!
And the L is a capital letter cuz it's a noun.
A-Cooke Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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It is about time somone said that Canada is America's HALF brother gret story man well done well done *My 1p is freaking out will my 2p is super happy* *whispers* My 2p was raised by 2p russia belrus, ukraine, and france but she is still a total perv
A-Cooke Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
oh okay XD, yeah i Hadn't seen alot of people portray Canada as America's Half Brother but I'f always had that headcanon so i though 'Fuck it I don't care what people will say' but i seems i have good feedback on this :) Thanks 
mikides Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Artist
No prob dude :iconthumbupplz:
GummyBearWar Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
The plot was amazing. It was creative and funny. This story would be good with any character. But I think it goes really well with Prussia. With his cockiness and pervertedness.
A-Cooke Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks! :D I really do appreciate any good comment , this is my best piece of work so far i have to say! Thanks!! :D
AliciaParkersons Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Okay, so my idiocy has reached a whole new level. This whole time, for some twisted reason, I thought it was 2P!America, not Prussia. :iconaustriafacepalmplz:
A-Cooke Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, XD how did you even think it was 2P Alfred? bloody hell thats a first on this X reader fic.... :meow:
AliciaParkersons Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Kuraudia-Ve Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kesese~ you're welcome! ^o^ 
Kuraudia-Ve Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG this is awesome! You should be proud~! >o< 
A-Cooke Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Waah ^W^ THANKS I'm really happy that you think this :D
flippin-nuggets-25 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
hahahaha this was fucking awesome lol good job mah friend
A-Cooke Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Why thank-you very much Darling~ Also thank-you for the Llama and the Watch they're most appreciated :D
flippin-nuggets-25 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i try no problem
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